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Main Contact Information
Phone: (740) 368-3100
Email: provost@owu.edu

Office Organization

Dr. Charles Stinemetz Dr. Charles Stinemetz
Phone: (740) 368-3101
Email: clstinem@owu.edu
Alice Winters
Assistant to the Provost
Phone: (740) 368-3103
Email: amwinter@owu.edu
Becky Lauer
Phone: (740) 368-3102
Email: bslauer@owu.edu

Direct Reports

Dr. Barbara Andereck

Dr. Barbara Andereck
Assistant Provost for Assessment and Accreditation, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Phone: (740) 368-3773
Email: bsandere@owu.edu

Catherine Cardwell
Director of Libraries
Phone: (740) 368-3246
Email: cacardwe@owu.edu
Web: library.owu.edu
Dr. Martin Eisenberg Dr. Martin Eisenberg
Dean of Academic Affairs
Phone: (740) 368-3112
Email: mjeisenb@owu.edu
Web: academicaffairs.owu.edu
Roger Ingles
Director of Athletics
Phone: (740) 368-3738
Email: rdingles@owu.edu
Web: www.battlingbishops.com
Shelly McMahon
Phone: (740) 368-3201
Email: samcmaho@owu.edu
Web: registrar.owu.edu
Dr. Brian Rellinger
Chief Information Officer
Phone: (740) 368-3131
Email: barellin@owu.edu
Web: infoserv.owu.edu
Dr. Dale Swartzentruber
Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Budget Management, Professor of Psychology
Phone: (740) 368-3811
Email: deswartz@owu.edu

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